I am a Michigan based artist from Mt. Pleasant. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Applied Art in Graphic Design from Central Michigan University. I chose to focus on metalsmithing and sculptural processes. The design of each piece is inspired by ancient history, science, and nature. This would consist of the manipulation of organic shapes that might represent a thing figuratively or abstractly.


The science and nature aspect of my work is influenced by a family background in biology. There is a long list of artists that include my instructors and people who I have shared gallery space with. From them I have learned to be resilient, to trust myself, and to keep trying new processes.

Artist Statement of Processes

The materials I use in the hand fabrication of the pieces include metals, leather, and natural fibers. With these materials I produce wearable art and sculpture, which consists of multiples and small scale works. The pieces I have designed include sterling silver, bronze, and more recently argentium silver. Argentium silver will be fabricated into ear wires and later other findings. Metalsmithing processes are used to form and fabricate each piece from the rings that make the chain, or finding to the pendant or earring that hangs from them.


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