The materials I use in the hand fabrication of the pieces include metals, leather, fiber, plaster, paper, resin, and found objects, as well as some organic material. With these materials I produce wearable art and sculpture, which consists of multiples and small scale works. More recently the pieces I have been working with include felting and wool roving, resin, paper, found objects and re-purposed materials.
The processes instilled in the repetitive movement of hand fabrication produce a feeling of comfort in the formation of the works. In doing the same thing over and over again, eventually you stop thinking of what you are doing to think of other things. This could include why the piece is being made, what it is made out of and it’s significance, the possible end result, subsequent pieces, and how they follow the preceding or deter altogether.
The work is inspired by both ancient and personal history in combination with an interest in science and nature. Ancient history has always fascinated me, from Egyptian times through the Roman conquests concurrently with the long history of the Celts. I am also beginning, with the move away from my family home, to collect memories that are finding their way into my work. These memories include an interest in nature due to a familial background in biology.

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